företagAdvantages of working with us:

  • You get satisfied and motivated employees
  • We have good prices
  • You don’t need to have a bigger office in order to hire more employees
  • You can get employees with competence that is not available in your area
  • You can make your business more environmentally friendly

The use of telecommuting leads to a deeper and wider talent pool, reduced costs, increased productivity, reduced staff turnover and absenteeism, and improved employee morale. By working with us you will have access to highly qualified personnel who are motivated to work from home.

Scientific research studies have shown that employees who can work from home are happier and more motivated than their office-working colleagues. Since we have all our operations remotely, we can offer affordable rates. You also save by being able to maintain a smaller office and help support the sustainable development of society by having employees that do not have to commute to work or go on business trips.

It’s easy to work with us. You choose whether to recruit or, if it is more appropriate for your assignment, to work with one of our consultants. We discuss your needs and develop a candidate profile with you. Then we find suitable candidates from all over Sweden for your assignment. We have a database of highly skilled and experienced workers and also search through external sources for suitable candidates. We interview the candidates and always do a background-check. You have the last word so you can make sure that you get the perfect employee! We present the most suitable candidates and you can carry out interviews and decide who is best suited for the assignment. Then we take care of the employment contract. We always follow up with you throughout the assignment and keep in contact with all parties.

We care about our clients and employees and want to help you work with employees remotely. We understand that telecommuting may be new to your company and are happy to answer your questions and explain to you how you can best use this method of work, while also giving you an easy way to do it!

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