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arbetsökandeBecome one of us:

  • Work from home
  • Avoid commuting
  • Get more freedom
  • Get more free time
  • Help the environment
  • Get exciting assignments that aren’t available where you live
  • Change your lifestyle and contribute to sustainable development of society

This is how it works:

Upload your CV. We’ll contact you for an interview when we have a job that fits your profile. The interview is done on Skype or by phone. The next step is to have an interview with your potential employer. We’ll send the contract to you if you get the job. Then you can start working from wherever you want! We keep contact with all parties throughout the assignment by following up with you and your employer.

It’s that simple to get a better, greener and pleasant job!

We are constantly looking for new employees who would like to telecommute: teachers, programmers, administrators, translators, economists and sellers are just some of the qualifications we are looking for.

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